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Listen, I still think Ben Simmons is probably the safe call for Rookie of the Year. But there’s no one else in this rookie class that can do what I’ve seen from Donovan Mitchell in TWO different 40-point games.

In Charlotte, Kemba Walker �C who’s name continues to be run through the trade-rumor mill �C registered 41 points and nine assists in the Hornets’ 133-126 home win over the Pacers. Eight of his points and six of his assists came in the first quarter, when the Bees scored a franchise-record 49(!) points.

Yes, this is technically tampering because the president of basketball operations made public comments about a player on another team. But if this is the bar for tampering, then the league is going to have to hand out a lot of fines in the near future.

LeBron James was the center of the NBA universe in 2010 as he entered free agency for the first time. It was clear some teams would not be in the race for his services, and the Suns were part of that list. During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Kerr joked about James coming to Phoenix when asked if the Suns would make him an offer.

Kerr laughed at the question and said, Well, if he’ll take mid-level, we’ll give it to him, Dan, drawing a laugh from Patrick.

Curry acknowledged that he does in fact let his tongue slip on occasion.

It’s never a tactic to seem more tough or hard-nosed or edgy, but on the same hand, when I’m out there on the floor, if I was mic’d up, there would be some games where I would get censored for sure, he said. The game is so intense with heated battles. I’ve got ejected twice and I’m pretty sure I had a few choice words in those situations, but that happens.

For me, it’s about how I respond afterward. People know who I am and what I stand for, but on the same token, nobody’s perfect, and I think that’s OK. If you want to go find those [cursing] moments and try to lipread on the court, you can find them. My mom found them.

Jensen had a stellar first year as starter, anchoring Baltimore’s offensive line as a powerful run-blocker. The position has been paid well in free agency of late, and Jenson is by far its best option this year.

Best Quality Cheap Retro Jerseys On Sale From China Factory Paypal