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Dolphins believe they have the ammo to move into the draft’s top six. But will they?

To get one of the best four quarterbacks in this year’s class, you might need to move into the draft’s top six.

The good news for the Dolphins: They believe they have the firepower to do it.

One great example: With about 10 minutes left in the game, Cleveland switched against the Cory Joseph-Domantas Sabonis pick-and-roll, leaving Clarkson on Sabonis in the post. Joseph entered the ball. LeBron saw the mismatch, hustled across the paint and dragged Clarkson off Sabonis — and onto LeBron’s original assignment, Booker.

What happened? Booker ducked under the rim with Clarkson on his back, and Sabonis dumped him the ball for a layup. The Pacers have been opportunistic like that all season — a delight to watch.

I feel like, for me, it just motivates me to just go harder, Mack said, via the Colts website. Other guys in the room feel the exact same as me. Everybody wants to be the top dog, and so you’ve just got to (be motivated) and just be hungry and attack; attack, I’d say, just show your talents and do your best.

The Colts have a handful of other options — Christine Michael, Robert Turbin, Josh Ferguson and Matt Jones — but the biggest competition for Mack could wind up coming from the draft. However the pecking order winds up working out, a strong ground game would be a big benefit to a Colts team that needs to avoid putting everything on the offensive side of the ball on Andrew Luck’s surgically-repaired shoulder.

The Lions are committed to Stafford, and he committed to them with his five-year, $135-million contract extension. They’re still hovering on the cusp of contention, projected in the middle of the pack in the NFC. Quinn made modest free-agent signings, loading up on linebackers and concentrating mostly on defense and depth. But it was vital (and way overdue) he landed big running back LeGarrette Blount, and he should look for another in the draft to address the worst rushing offense in the NFL.

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